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From the p90x3 workout list above position vertical down bar to the chest, slowly along the original road reduction, arms can be extended, but the elbow should be slightlybent,p90x3 workout details drop down when the breath, inhale whenplayback.Exercise should pay attention to prevent arms force uniform, yank or no control and reduction. In front of the neck down can make p90x3 wiki the back muscles fully exercise, and not because the angle error and injured.Seated rowSeated row major exercise the backmuscles,auxiliary exercise the arm and shoulder muscles.The 1 was sitting, legs slam the front pedal,p90x3 workout review slightly bent, hand clasped the triangle handle,armsoutstretched, waist and abdomen, chest rise.2 to the contraction of muscles of the back of the handle is pulled to the abdomen, the latissimus dorsi force reduction,p90x3 xbox one pay attention to control the tensile speed during exercise , too fast or too slow will influence the effect of exercise.Practice back is not straight will damage the spine, action should not be too fast, the tensile range is not too large, so as not to hurt.The back stretchBack stretching action can relieve muscle fatigue when practice sense, also can be used as back exercises before the warm-up act.Action Essentials: hands fixed on strong stability; p90x3 x3 yoga don't arm and trunk angle is too large; feel backmuscles together pause for 10-15 seconds.Again, the strength should be large, slow motion. It is the key point to build muscle.